Student Rules

Do not invite anyone into the College other than family.

Do not leave the College campus at any time without permission. Students under 16 should inform their Houseparent if they wish to leave the Common room or any of the studios after dark, so that they can be accompanied at all times.

Read the Fire Instructions, make sure you know where to go if the fire alarm sounds. This will be explained at the induction meeting.

Respect and take care of all College property. Any damage to YBSS or ABC property may be charged to the student.

Leave money and valuables with your Houseparent for safekeeping.

Alcohol is NOT allowed on the premises. If found, students will be sent home immediately.

Wear your name badge in class and around the College campus.

Bedtimes - 13 and under 9pm. Others 10pm. Any student found in another student’s room after bedtime may be sent home. Do not make or receive phone calls after 9pm, respect your fellow students.

If you are not taking class you are encouraged to watch other classes.

Evening events are compulsory. Master Classes, Documentary Nights, Film Nights and other events have been planned for your enjoyment and learning.

Students should not rehearse unaccompanied outside of class and never without the express permission of your dance teacher or the Director.

In the event of illness or similar problems, please contact your house parent or the Director If you have suffered an injury you must consult the dance teacher leading your class before taking part. You may only take part if your dance teacher deems you fit for class.

Please inform Laura Connor, Marguerite Porter and your Houseparent if you suffer from any allergies.

Any breaking the Rules, misbehaviour or nonattendance to class will not be tolerated. If this occurs your guardians will be called and you may be sent home.

Students are encouraged to use common sense regarding all these Rules. If in any doubt, please ask the Director or your Houseparent.

Emergency Contact Number (24 hours) - 07773 312617 Safeguarding Team.

Marguerite Porter MBE
January 2016

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